What kind of leader are you?

We work with clients to develop a number of core skills and competencies that generate greater self-awareness, a foundation for leadership proficiency, and impact upon the positivity and sustainability of their team and organisation. The Financial Times reported recently, “There has been a profound change in the perception of career coaching in the past 20 years…from being slightly remedial to being about essential development of key talent.” By improving the performance of the most influential people within the organisation, business results improve. 


Clients we work with face some of the following challenges:

Lack of influencing and relationship building skills 

Underdeveloped emotional intelligence 

Underdeveloped self awareness 

Difficulty in managing stakeholders

Guide differences in generations, culture and personality 

Inability to manage change and build resilience

The residual impact on others of the above challenges


Leadership Development sessions provide a framework and environment in which to address the above challenges. Collaboratively we establish learning and development objectives based on the aspects of the role that are not working so well. We create a pathway to meet the increasing complexities of work and dismantle those behaviours that have a negative impact on productivity, relationships and business results.


Some outcomes clients can expect include: 

✓ Relationship building

✓ Understand organisational linkages

✓ Influence internal and external stakeholders

✓ Develop the ability to have authentic conversations

✓ Manage stress

✓ Deal with VUCA

✓ Build resilience

✓ Prioritise and delegate to allow more time to contribute to strategic       and value-adding activities

✓ Manage moods, attitudes and states

✓ Effectively manage conflict – creating healthier interactions


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