"Felicity guides you to be a better leader without you even knowing it! Her incredible emotional intelligence allows you to workshop strategies and troubleshoot solutions to everyday problems that are effective and have a meaningful impact. Throughout the course I gained a much greater self awareness which has enabled me to evolve and grow. Felicity also contributed greatly to my growth as a public speaker. This enabled me to deliver a 45 minute address with confidence and grace, due which largely to her training and ongoing guidance."

- Chief of Staff, State Government Minister

"This was the single most enjoyable and enlightening course I’ve ever attended in my professional life.  Felicity and the group uncovered so much in regard to personal and professional pains and provided me the right tools for me to cure these. I want to thank felicity for the outstanding ability she has in tapping into the human emotion of every individual in the group."


"The course was AWESOME!!! Felicity was fantastic and made it very engaging. Participation was at an all time high and I have never been in a course before that everyone was so excited about and was really enjoying. EVERYONE needs to do this course. Amazing and such an eye opener! Can’t wait for the second part."


"The facilitator was just great, felicity made everyone feel part of the team. Her knowledge was amazing and she helped me not only benefit myself but enhanced my qualities as a future leader.  Thank you, you have really changed my perception on a lot of things and I will keep it with me for all future opportunities."