Kerstin Knoefel

Kerstin Knoefel


Kerstin has an international corporate track record spanning over 18 years in leadership and executive experience as an Executive Coach.

Her expertise, in changing environments and various cultures, includes guiding organizations and individuals to bring strategy into life, to master transformation and change effectively and to successfully and sustainably achieve developmental goals in line with the business imperatives.

With high passion she helps leaders to further develop their leadership behavior and capabilities, unfolding their potential to design and master professional transitions.

Clients value Kerstin as trusted partner for deep personal development work employing a wide range of approaches drawn from different methodical backgrounds. Kerstin works in both German and English with a strong foundation in IT, Process reorganisation and Organizational Development/Change Management Consulting.

“Kerstin has been able to identify the key attributes and challenges that needed to be worked on, in a short space of time. Insightful, curious and thoughtful, with a  non intrusive manner - combine to make a difference. My colleagues are already seeing a difference.” –Don Koch, CEO ING Bank Italy.

“We recommend Kerstin without any hesitation. With professionalism, integrity and her high level of engagement she has added great value to our company that made a sustainable and tangible difference in the organization. “ –Holger Beeck (CEO) & Wolfgang Goebel (CHRO) McDonald’s Germany.

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Tiina-Maija Bergman

Middle East

Tiina-Maija has worked in operations, corporate management and advisory roles for over 20 years within the field of international hospitality, a field chosen from her love of travel and working with people.

Her expertise includes Revenue Management, Guest (internal and external) Experience, and Work-Flow Optimisation. As an experienced NLP-based coach and facilitator she continues to learn and experience modalities that study the power of the mind, and how we can best navigate the ever-changing demands in both professional, and personal lives.

“My calling is to serve individuals and leadership teams alike through transformational work; igniting and enabling shifts in root perspectives, thus achieving sustainable growth and development. Biggest joy for me is to witness that ‘moment of magic’ when people make the connection to their higher purpose and see a new world of possibilities ahead.”

Tiina-Maija is a global traveller born in Finland, who has called the Middle East home for the past 24 years. She is passionate about holistic wellness and continued self-development and remains continuously curious to discover “what I don’t know I don’t know.”

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Paul Crowther


Paul has facilitated and coached 1000’s of senior executive leadership teams and frontline managers, across a broad range of organisations over the last 20 years. He has worked in Asia, Europe, the United States, and Australia, and adapts his style to meet the needs of diverse groups, both culturally and by business functionality.

Paul is passionate about Instinctive Drives, Neuroscience and the links to business. His personal pursuits are as intriguing and varied as his facilitation and coaching style.

Before working working as a leadership consultant and executive coach, Paul led teams to resolve emergency incidents in the London Fire Brigade and operated as part of a peace keeping force with the British Army. Recognised as a thought leader on leadership, trust and decision making during a crisis he was a key note speaker at international conferences.

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Leanne Holdsworth


Leanne has consulted to organisations around the area of sustainable development, leadership and organisational culture and corporate social responsibility for 14 years.

Her focus is on creating human centered organisations, creating shared accountability and therefore alignment between who you say you are as an organisation, as teams and as individuals and what you actually do and how you behave. 

Areas of specialisation: organisation culture change, cross organisation shared ownership, deep leadership development, Mindset study groups and coaching.

Originally a chartered accountant, Leanne brings her commercial understanding together with a deep passion for human fulfillment.