Want to take your work performance to the next level?

If you lead, manage, or supervise and personal improvement or team performance at work is one of your biggest concerns–this program is for you. We guide you through a proven framework to deepen your level of self-awareness and shift your mindset. You gain access to world renowned expertise, including individual coaching over 7 weeks.

Hands up if there’s one thing you’d love to be better at? Could it be Communication? Delegating? Managing relationships?

We guide you through a proven process of change, step by step, digging deep to breakthrough what has been holding you back. You will be challenged to grow and stretch throughout the program. You will try a different way of improving your work perfomance, a way that can be uncomfortable, but if you are willing to look at the challenges you want to address and commit to learning how to change your performance then this program is for you.

“I’ve spent twenty years in the field of capability-building and performance improvement, and what you have just done with us is the single most powerful piece of learning technology I’ve ever seen.”

You receive:

✔️ 1hour introductory conference call

✔️  3 x 2 hour workshops over 7 weeks

✔️ 2 x 1hour one-on-one coaching sessions

✔️Copy of book: Immunity to Change

It’s time to make a breakthrough:

✔️Uncover and overcome your blind spots. 

✔️Target and remove what’s holding you back.

✔️Unlock your full potential

✔️Learn an empirically proven change methodology 

Get ready to do something different and get new results.

Find out why you do the things you do. And how to make a real change–one that enables you to achieve your goals. 

“I've found it really helpful for understanding what's been holding me back and enabling me to test theories about my assumptions. I know I operate at a different level of awareness as a result.”

“I got more out of that in three hours than three years in therapy!”

“I never saw that coming!”

The methodology you learn can be repeated with any shift you want to make. It can be a life-changing process that enables us to tap into our unconscious beliefs–our blindspots and transform the power they have in our lives.

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