Are you a high functioning team but have challenging issues or conflicting personalities that are holding you back from operating at your very best?

The Leadership Kitchen can help you get to the heart of these obstacles and to overcome them. So you can work more effectively and efficiently together, which leads to better decisions and results in a greater commitment from every member of your team. The Leadership Kitchen draws on the fields of positive psychology, quantum thinking, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and adult learning to reach a deep understanding of how each individual contributes to the group’s successes and challenges. We will design a program for you that will enhance team dynamics and improve satisfaction and performance. We can facilitate groups from 3 to 3000, from one-off sessions to programs that extend over 12 months. All programs are tailored to your particular needs and business objectives.  We begin with an initial consultation to assess the outcomes you wish to generate and conclude with a review of post-program achievements and next steps.


Our Team Alignment Programs are always customised to your needs, they can include:


•  Strategy Development

•  Foundations of Management

•  Managing Change

•  Team Building

•  Developing Team Vision and Values

•  Advanced Communication and Influencing Skills

•  Creating Team Agreements

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