Leadership starts from a young age. Imagine if you had leadership practices and support throughout your childhood.  

Can you think of a situation when you were a child where having leadership skills would have helped you navigate though life’s demands?
Join our 1 day Leadership For Parents Program, learn immediately applicable skills that can be used by parents and educators to build children’s confidence and capability. Learn how to build Emotional Intelligence, both theirs and yours, to create long lasting positive effects. 
Teach your children resilience to advance through the tough aspects of growing up; tools to manage anxiety, depression and tension; understanding stages of growth; skills to manage finances, conflict and change. Understand how to engage your children in practicing forgiveness, generosity, compassion and kindness. Help to provide your child with what really counts using parenting leadership tools developed from proven methods. The Leadership Program For Parents will strengthen your bond with your children and enhance your resilience and skills as a parent.
The parent-child relationship is a shared journey from which we can learn a lot about ourselves.

How? Find out now.

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