Dealing With Someone Difficult? HUG Them!

Do you ever find that some people are hard to get along with? Try using the H.U.G strategy. There are three steps, each can be applied simply and immediately.

1. Hear them: Use your great listening skills and then ask, “Here’s what I heard you say. Is this what you meant?” When people know that they’ve been heard, they become more open, which can lead to a shift in their behaviour.

2. Understand them: Understanding someone is not necessarily the same as agreeing with them. But letting someone know, “I understand where you’re coming from” shows that person that you are aware there may be unspoken values or emotions driving what they are saying.

3. Guide them: Sometimes difficult people can project what is happening within themselves onto you. An effective way of maintaining respect yourself and the other person in this situation is by guiding them in how they talk to you and engage with you.