What's Great About A Culture Of Belonging?

What is great about creating a culture of belonging? It's better for everyone and easy to support. We all have a role to play, inclusion can be nurtured peer-to-peer, bottom-up and top-down and everyone benefits. A culture of inclusion is a stronger culture, filled with better performing individuals and teams, healthier work relationships, better engagement and retention. And simply, it's the kind of culture thats great to work in.

Here are five ways to support inclusion:

1. Be Clear
State a commitment to an inclusive culture and reiterate this message organisation-wide, sending a clear message to everyone. Offer details that illustrate what an inclusive culture looks like at your organisation, such as FAQ, the what, who, how and why and also highlight the benefits to all, individuals and teams alike.

2. Value Variety
Foster healthy debate, innovation and acceptance by bringing different people to the table. Change up who runs and attends meetings, making sure to include diverse groups, thereby inviting new voices and new solutions to complex matters.

3. Show it, Live it
Ensure the leadership team represents diversity and authentically reflect a culture of inclusion. Implement policies of no tolerance for un-inclusive and disrespectful behaviour.

4. Awareness
We all have biases, often unconscious ones, which may not be a good reflection of who we truly are or want to be. Recognising one's own biases provides the opportunity to shift behaviour. An awareness of biases also allows people to offer mutual support to break them.

5. Celebrate Differences
Celebrate and acknowledge how diversity and inclusion have impacted creativity, engagement and results. Encourage all to share their cultural heritage and religious celebrations with others. Seek and recognise great ideas from people of various backgrounds.