Living With Purpose

Have you heard of living with purpose?

It's not about being burdened with another 'must-do' in the list of life accomplishments, rather it is something that touches your heart, that truly connects you with yourself. Taking the time to define your purpose, opens you up for more time, space, and energy.

Living with purpose creates a more fulfilling, enjoyable and effortless life. Doubt, fear, worry, feelings of being drained and untrue to yourself, are replaced with courage, vibrance, passion, direction, meaning, and joy.

Are you living with purpose? If the answer is not yet, or I'd like to, open yourself up, look around at the clues in your life that point to your purpose.

Be patient and trust yourself.

How do I find my purpose?

Ask yourself, "What do I value most?"Is it family, compassion, excellence, generosity, peace, connection to others, equality, faith? Write down your answers. No need to be perfect, you can fine tune it as you go. Writing down your answers is a simple way to increase their power in your life.

Next, think about the times in your life when you accomplished something that you are proud of. Choose three success that you feel good about. Don't set your sights too high, just write them down without scrutiny.

Now, look for the commonality between your three accomplishments and between your accomplishments and values. What feelings are present for you across these things? What do you remember about the accomplishments, about yourself? Were your values in the forefront? Were you learning something new?

Don't be concerned if you don't feel a sense of passion immediately, at times this passion begins to develop when in your purpose is in action. Keep an open mind, your purpose may be single-focused or multidimensional, but it will certainly feel right and make a difference to you.

How do I go about achieving my purpose?
By identifying and committing your intentions to your purpose the opportunities and ways to achieve it will begin to present themselves, often they are already in our lives, we simply didn't notice them.

Why would I want to live by my purpose?
Because your purpose is your compass. It helps us not to get lost when surrounded by the multitude of distractions and trifles of life. It keeps our decisions and actions aligned with our values. Take a moment to consider how you'd feel, what your life would look like if you let your purpose lead the way.

"Your purpose is a joyous expression of who you are."

Only you can choose your purpose.
It emerges from an exploration of what we value most. Living your purpose has the power to elevate your well-being, your family's, and the world.

Take the time to seek out your purpose and allow it to be expressed daily in your work, leisure and relationships.