Be Present

Are there moments in your day when your mind is free and fully present? Or is your mind is constantly racing, despite taking moments trying not to think? 

Often we are ‘in our heads’ thinking about upcoming commitments, or worrying about the past. This continual worry and thinking adds stress to our daily lives.

The ability to simply ‘be present’ seems an elusive state of being. 

But there are 3 simple steps that can lead us to be more present. 

Get grounded

Become aware of your physical self. Notice how your body feels and its connection to your immediate environment. Plant your feet on the floor, wiggle your toes. Notice how strong you feel. Let go of whatever that is not there in that moment. 

Get centred

Draw a deep breath and release it slowly through your nose. This slow release draws a relaxation response. Simply follow your breath allowing any thoughts that appear to move on without attention.

Get connected 

You can shift from living ‘in your head’ to living more in the present moment by truly engaging with what you are doing. Give your full attention to the person you are with, task at hand, or the purpose of what you are doing.