It's Not Learning That Takes Time, It's NOT LEARNING That Takes Time

Have you ever been somewhere that was a waste of your time?  And you spent time thinking about what a waste of time it was to be there.

Often people turn up to my programs as prisoners. Self confessed.  They tell me they have much better places to be, more important work to be doing (quite likely) than being here, in this room, right now.

They have been told to come, or signed up by their Managers. They have arrived. And they Do. Not. Want. To. Be. There.

But here’s the thing. When we’re stewing about what we should be doing, but can’t be doing because we’re Here…. We’re also not being present to what’s going on right now…. the program, the meeting, the conversation we’re trying to extract ourselves from right now.  And that is a huge waste of our time.

Today I discovered that I was not learning and it shook me.

Last year I enrolled in a very cool 12 month online program by a bloke called Leo Babatua – called Sea Change.  Excellent. I took on most challenges, and made huge progress on my own goals when I fully embraced others.

This year I decided to stop this program. So I unenrolled – no more monthly charges coming from my account. But I kept getting the program emails. And I have been furiously not learning for months now.  Deleting emails as soon as I saw them, dismissing the topics and invitation to learn, wishing they weren’t popping up in my inbox still.

Until today.

Today the program is challenging us to learn something for one month – music, coding, meditation, drawing, a language – doesn’t matter what – you choose, and I thought…what a great opportunity to take this up, be gently guided through the month of learning with great tips and encouragement – and I realised that I had been missing out.

No more.

Today I will ponder what I want to learn this month - coding attracts me, as does creating an app, refreshing my piano skills, and I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish – so here goes…

And the next time you get a chance to learn something? Grasp it with both hands and soak it all in.