Workplace Communication? No Worries...

Having yet another frustrating conversation with a colleague can cause more agony that it needs to. But workplace communication doesn't have to be stressful.

The differences in the way we communicate contribute to many stressful interactions in the workplace, but by taking the time to understand those differences, we're one step closer to less miscommunication and less stress.

Communication is more than just speaking and listening. True communication involves ideas being shared and understood. When teammates communicate at their best, they create a means of building trust, and a sense that they 'get' one another.

Successful communication is crucial, it's the difference between interactions with colleagues are effective and those which are not. Putting your best foot forward can be as simple as knowing your communication style.

How? By understanding your communication style you can recognise both its strengths and weaknesses. Then, the skill here is, you adapt your communication style, choosing to use what works best when conversing with people of differing styles in differing situations.  

With this knowledge and skill, workplace relationships become stronger and trust increases, both of which are predictors of employee engagement and consequently increased productivity, oh, and not to mention a happier, healthier workplace.

So, how would you rate your communication skills? Poor, average, advanced? Much of your natural communication style is linked to your behavioural and thinking preferences. Do you tend to be direct or indirect? Are you analytical? Sociable or business-like?

Want to gain insight into yourself and other people's styles?Discover your communication style and behavioural preferences with our Quiz. Learn about communication Do's and Don'ts, giving and receiving feedback, responding to conflict, working with others, how to enhance your style and more. You might recognise the styles of colleagues, family members or friends. Ask them to take the Quiz too, and share your results with each other.